Amalia from the Netherlands followed by a shrink since childhood: the princess confides without filter

As she prepares to celebrate her 18th birthday, the Princess Amalia of the Netherlands has just released a new biography. In the book published this Tuesday, November 16, 2021, the daughter of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima has – once again – shown modernity by openly evoking her mental health problems and her need “to evacuate“with a professional.

As AFP specifies, the writer and actress Claudia de Breij has been authorized by the palace to write her biography in order to offer a glimpse into the closely watched life of the Crown Princess who will celebrate her 18th birthday on December 7. The book, for which she spent several days with the princess, portrayed Amalia as a passionate date and singer, as well as a “perfectionist“. “I think it’s very cool, “Amalia said of the biography, in an online discussion with the writer posted to the Royal Family’s Twitter.”I just think the whole book paints a really nice picture of who I am“, she added.

Book reveals Amalia’s parents sent her to a child psychologist when she was young because they were worried about her, and that she still regularly discusses her mental health with a therapist, public broadcaster NOS reported. “I don’t think it’s taboo. And it’s okay to tell the public“, commented the big sister of Princesses Alexia and Ariane (16 and 14 years old) in an excerpt from the book shared by NOS.”Sometimes everything gets too much for me, school, friends (…). If I feel the need, I make an appointment. I just vent, and then I’m ready for another month“, she added.

A future queen already mature and responsible

Amalia believes that it is “normal“to speak to a professional”especially after what happened to my aunt“, referring to the suicide of her aunt Inès, the sister of Queen Maxima, in 2018. The future queen of the Netherlands also said that she would ask her mother (50) to temporarily take her father’s place (54 years old) on the throne if he were to die suddenly.

Already last June, barely graduating, Princess Amalia had shown maturity and modernity by giving up her annual income of 1.6 million euros, while waiting to truly assume royal functions. Something to reassure its fellow citizens about the future of the Dutch monarchy, after several missteps that have tarnished its reputation in recent months: in October 2020, when the Netherlands had just decreed partial confinement, the royal family had was forced to shorten a vacation in Greece following an outcry when details of the trip were made public.

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