Amadeo Matacena, arrest and kidnapping revoked. The former parliamentarian: “Justice after so many injustices”

On the head of the former Forza Italia parliamentarian Amedeo Matacena the precautionary custody order in prison issued against him, for fictitious title, as part of the investigation is no longer pending “Breakfast“For which in 2014, at the request of the deputy prosecutor of Reggio Calabria Giuseppe Lombardo, they were instead the ex-wife Chiara Rizzo and the ex Minister of the Interior Claudio Scajola arrested. Both were accused, and sentenced in the first instance, for helping Matacena to take refuge in Dubai, after the final conviction for external complicity with the ‘Ndrangheta remedied by the latter in the “Olimpia” trial.

This was established by the judge for the preliminary investigations of Reggio Calabria, Vincenza Bellini, who, at the request of the lawyers Marco Tullio Martino and Renato Vigna and with the negative opinion of the Public Prosecutor, revoked the arrest warrant for the former parliamentarian and the decree of seizure with which the seals had been applied to the assets of Matacena. The lawyers also produced an official appraisal, ordered by the Court of Appeal as part of another proceeding, according to which it was ascertained “the lawful origin of the corporate assets seized from Matacena and the subject of the contested fictitious headings” in the investigation “Breakfast”.

“New facts” which, according to the investigating judge, however, are not “suitable to undermine the precautionary sentence formed in a point of circumstantial gravity”. The latter, in fact, was confirmed by the investigating judge on whose decision, instead, the fact that Matacena has been a fugitive in the United Arab Emirates for about ten years now weighed. The exclusion “in the precautionary phase” of the aggravating mafia, contested by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate, and “the long time that has elapsed since the date of the crime committed”, for the investigating judge “certainly influenced the precautionary requirements which, at present, can no longer be considered existing”. In other words, Matacena’s inaction and the slowness of the extradition procedure have rewarded the former parliamentarian who was definitively convicted of mafia in the “Olimpia” trial. In fact, eight years after the “Breakfast” operation, the legislation that imposes the topicality requirement has dropped the precautionary requirements. The process, therefore, will happen sooner or later. But from Dubai, however, Matacena celebrates as if he had been acquitted on the merits. After thanking his wife and his lawyers, in fact, he declared to Ansa that “in the end the truth came out. “Now only the icing on the cake is missing: the sentence of the European Court and justice, after so much injustice, will be done!”.

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