"Am I a good father?" : Rare confidences of Guillaume Canet on his children

Guillaume Canet will be back in theaters on October 27 with the film His, which he realizes. A feature film made in a few weeks before returning to tackle Asterix and Obelix – the Middle Kingdom expected between next year and 2023. The popular artist, in a relationship with Marion Cotillard, has just made some confidences.

Asked by Femina version, Guillaume Canet (48 years old) explained that he wanted to shoot his film suddenly, when he had some free time at home and he was tinkering. One fine day he said he needed to talk to “asshole“in him and laid down words on computer.”I then had the idea of ​​this man who summons people from his life, as vectors of his emotions“, he says. In the end, it gave birth to a feature film.”This film is personal, but it is fiction. I don’t tell about my life there, just things that touch me or sometimes disturb me, he says, referring for example to his questions about fatherhood, Am I a good father? How do you live your role as a father with the frustrations that you can have as a son?“, he adds.

Guillaume Canet, father of two children – Marcel, 10 years old and Louise, 4 years old – born from his love affair with Marion Cotillard, pushed a little more his confidences on his vision of fatherhood. “There are things that we suffer from as a man, which are linked to childhood, and we try not to reproduce certain patterns (…) There are inevitably gaps, despite all the goodwill and love of our parents. We inevitably do bullshit, me first. It’s pretty universal. And then, we want our children to grow up, but not too fast. There are a lot of contradictions“, he explains.

For the time being, Guillaume Canet’s children are still young, but that does not prevent the artist and his partner from already instilling in them some of the values ​​that are close to their hearts, such as the defense of ecology. “We wanna leave them a better world“, he adds.

Femina version, in newsstands on October 10, 2021.

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