Alternative Football podcast (episode 22) with Jérôme Bourreau, president of FC Rueil Malmaison, the biggest French club in terms of licensees

Football is a simple game, which many talk about, but a complex universe, which few really know. In Alternate Soccerthe off-pitch podcast of SoFoot, you will discover the inner workings, with its main actors. In each episode, Édouard Cissé, former PSG, OM or Monaco midfielder now an entrepreneur in addition to being a consultant for Prime Video, and Matthieu Lille-Palette, vice-president of Opta, will meet with a guest on a specific theme. During a half-time, time needed to completely redefine your grid of understanding.

The seizure of licenses ends at the end of April. It is therefore at the very beginning of May, the identity of the club with the greatest number of licensees is known. At this little game, FC Rueil Malmaison in Hauts-de-Seine is in the top three every year and very often in first place. If, according to the latest news, it is currently ahead of Atlético 13 Paris for four members (1555 vs 1551), this end-of-season census is a good pretext for Matthieu and Edouard to take stock of this widening gap and the fresh relations between pro and amateur football. Who better than Jérôme Bourreau, president of the FCRM at the head of his 33 teamsfor it ?

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