Already vaccinated against smallpox? It’s good against that of the monkey, “taking a close vaccine to block it is a proven strategy”

Until 1976, all Belgians had to be vaccinated against smallpox. The disease eradicated, this vaccination was suspended.

However, it would seem that the vaccine against human smallpox is a lifelong protection if you have received the 2 doses. And good news: this vaccine protects against monkeypox which, as we know, is spreading rapidly throughout the world.

►► Good news for those over 46.

The vaccine that has been developed for future people called upon to be vaccinated is from the same family as the old one. Of course it has been improved. These two viruses (human pox and monkeypox) are part of the “orthopoxvirus” family.

►► Explanations by Olivier Schwartz, head of the virus and immunity unit at the Institut Pasteur.

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