Already today in the TV documentary KAREL: The hardest moments of filming!

How do you own rights (Bontonfilm and Karel Gott Agency) will advise on the leak of the image to the Internet (Aha! Informed). “Of course, CT does not support the distribution of audiovisual works illegally. We believe that rights holders will do their utmost to withdraw illegal copies. “ spokeswoman Karolína Blinková wrote to us. At least two illegal copies have disappeared from YouTube, and Bontonfilm is now dealing with lawyers and then contacting the police.

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The strongest moments of the film

Diagnosis of death

Karel learns from his doctor Marek Trněný (62) right in front of the cameras that the treatment of a blood disease has stopped working and that he has only a few months left to live. He holds his crying wife Ivana (45) by the hand and tries not to cry.

Sweaty concert

The document also contains footage from Karel Gott’s last public concert in Brno (March 2019), at which he was unwell and sang it with a fever.

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Ready for anything

In the summer of 2019, Karel says to the audience from his cottage in Doubice in a muffled voice that he is ready for everything.

Heap of pills

The singer had to eat a few pills a day, including heartbeat.

He loved funerals

In the last scenes from September 2019 in the garden of the house in Újezd ​​near Sv. Crosses, where he went to his grandmother as a child, tells of how he loved funerals as a child. At the end of the story, he cries.

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