Alpini and the case of harassment, Guerini: "Very serious behavior, no tolerance"

Rimini, 10 May 2022 – “I behaviors told by some women are very serious. Episodes that will certainly be ascertained by the competent bodies, but that they cannot and should not be underestimated. Episodes, I want to reiterate forcefully, which would be atopposite of the values ​​of Alpine and an event that is a celebration of solidarity, principles and beautiful traditions “.

The defense minister, Lorenzo Guerinitakes a stand on cases of harassment reported on the occasion of meeting of the Alpini from Rimini. “It is wrong – he adds – to make generalizations but, at the same time, there must not be no tolerance: harassment and violence must never and in no case find any justification e they must be condemned without hesitation“.

The final parade of the Alpini on the seafront in Rimini
The final parade of the Alpini on the seafront in Rimini

Close by, comes the intervention of the president of‘National Alpine Association, Sebastiano Favero: “Before leaving I spoke to the police and asked if there had been any complaints. The answer was negative. It is clear that if there are limited and detailed complaints we will take action, but at the moment there are none “.

“We want the facts”, continues Favero, recalling that “the same thing happened in Trento in 2018, without anything happening”. “What I’m sorry – he adds – is that everything is focused on this when there was a national gathering with 450 thousand people in Rimini and a parade with 90 thousand people in the name of brotherhood and solidarity. Transforming all this leaves me a little bitter in my mouth I agree with what Minister Guerini said – he concludes -, but we cannot proceed on hearsay. We need facts and complaints which, at the moment, are not known to us “.

The denunciation of the activists of ‘Nonunadimeno’

To report the facts, the activists of ‘Nonunadimeno’ who have manifestedlast night, with a ‘counter-meeting’ in Piazza Cavour, in front of the town hall of Rimini. They were present about forty peopleincluding some women who they told of the alleged harassment they suffered. The feminist collective, since last Friday is collecting reports from women who were harassed by the Alpine troops between whistles, screams and obscene proposals.

Some Alpini then would have gone further, with physical gestures. According to the collective ‘Nonunadimeno’, victims of harassment would have been above all bartender and waiter. And the cases would have been hundreds.

For the moment, according to what is learned from the police, no complaint has arrived. To reiterate this also the Ana, theNational Association of Alpine troops that has condemned what happened. “We distance ourselves, stigmatizing themfrom the uncivil behaviors reported, which of course they do not belong to traditions and values that we have always guarded and carried forward “he clarified but also specified that” after the appropriate investigations there is no complaint submitted to the police “.

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