Alpini and harassment, 500 reports in Rimini

Rimini, 13 May 2022 – A wind that continues to blow. And it shows no signs of stopping. It is that of controversy which, since last weekend, have overwhelmed the 93rd edition of the National Gathering of Alpine troops. A perfect storm hit the ‘black feathers’, after hundreds of reports of alleged harassment brought by movements and associations in defense of women. “At least 500” according to ‘Not one less’, ‘Casa Madiba Network’ and ‘Pride OFF’. A a number that however “would even be underestimated“. This is supported by the Coordination of Anti-violence Centers of Emilia Romagna, which also includes the Rimini non-profit organization ‘Break the silence’.

“We do not consider necessary – the associations write – that there are complaints to believe the truth of the harassment: we know that it has happened, much more than what has come to us. “For the moment only a 26-year-old from Riminiaccompanied by her lawyer, she found the strength of report to the carabinieri, formalizing a lawsuit for an alleged episode of aggression that would have occurred near Piazza Kennedy last Saturday. For the anti-violence centers, however, “the complaints can be one more tool because the harassment that is repeated at each meeting cannot be ignored as in the past “. Hence, the associations, ‘Non una di less’ in the lead, make available” to anyone who wants to report a legal supportsharing the guidelines to do it independently. “A sort of vademecum, with a series of practical advice aimed at women who want to come out in the open, in view of a possible collective legal action.

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The the first step to be taken, according to the associations, “is to prepare a written memory on the computer with personal data (name, surname, date and place of birth, tax code)” and information on the place where the fact would have occurred. Important to “check for the presence of cameras”. Then a description of the person with whom one came into contact: “physical appearance, identification symbols, colors of the t-shirt or shirt, perceived age”. The date and time of the event and the personal data of any witnesses present must then be specified. All completed by “any photos, videos, messages or WhatsApp calls, Instagram stories, Facebook posts”.

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One was launched on the web just in these hours petition (over 15 thousand those collected in twelve hours) to ask for suspend the event for the next two years. The world of politics also continues to divide. On the one hand, those who, like the Forza Italia deputy Gregorio Fontana, speak of “an ungenerous and persistent campaign. On the other hand, those who, like the Speaker of the Chamber Roberto Fico, have invited us to reflect on” a country that is still too much and strongly sexist “. With the mayor of Rimini, Jamil Sadegholvaad, who instead addressed an invitation to “not generalize”, pointing the finger at the “ballet of politics” and hoping that “the Gathering will return to the city as soon as possible”.

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