Alpha’s brother "Big Brother 2022" destroyed Tora: "That is a child molester"

As the days go by “Big Brother 2022”, scandals inside and outside the house increase. In the last hours, the brother of Walter “Alpha” Santiago, Sergio Santiago, He was enraged with the production of the Telefe reality show and struck down Lucilla“Torah”, for a controversial video that she herself shared on social networks before joining the program.

What did Alpha’s brother from “Big Brother 2022” say about Tora?

During the fourth week of “GH”the contestant expressed an unfortunate phrase with a sexual connotation to one of her classmates. The 60-year-old man after being disowned by the rest of the brothers and by the public, was penalized for Big Brother”. However, due to the great confrontation that arose between “Tora” and Santiago, the little brother threatened to leave the reality show.

Although the competitors did not vote for him, Walter was automatically nominated for the all-seeing eye. Although Alfa faced Nacho, Agustín, Daniela and Juan, the competitor managed to keep him on the show. At the Elimination Gala on Sunday, the taxi driver was the one who had to leave the house.

Unlike other editions of ” Big Brother”, this transmission has a very spicy aggregate, social networks. In this sense, an interview given by Santiago’s brother went viral on TikTok, in which he defended the actions of his family member and pointed directly against “Tora”.

'Alpha' of ' <a href=Big Brother 2022′ has been very sensitive in recent days. ” data-height=”418″ data-size=”w:745,h:418″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=” sites/cronica/img/2022/11/16/gran-hermano-alfa-2-jpg__x1x.jpg_367211184.jpg” title=”‘Alfa’ from ‘Big Brother 2022’ has been very sensitive in recent days. “vspace=”5″>
‘Alfa’ from ‘Big Brother 2022’ has been very sensitive in recent days.

“That abuser and accuser, I am already handling it with my family and with the corresponding people. I am asking Telefe, along with my niece, to retract what he said, because my brother is not an abuser.”, began by saying Sergio Santiago in the program hosted by Jorge Rial, “Argenzuela”.

And I add: “That you have made a joke in bad taste in a context where everyone was talking about cola, the tararira, the anaconda, and they do not show it, that is something else”.

The confrontation between Alpha and Lucila, 'Tora', in ' <a href=Big Brother 2022′.” data-height=”340″ data-size=”w:1003,h:459″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=” .ar/export/sites/cronica/img/2022/11/16/lucila_tora_alfa_gran_hermnao_2022.jpeg_1176215580.jpeg” title=”The confrontation between Alfa and Lucila, ‘Tora’, in ‘Big Brother 2022’.” vspace=”5″ >
The confrontation between Alfa and Lucila, “Tora”, in “Big Brother 2022”.

In this sense, Alfa’s relative reiterated his discomfort with the production of the reality show because of the editing they do and what they show on the air. “This girl’s boyfriend, when my brother played the joke, impersonating the “Rabbit”, that’s why he said “Cotita, Cotita”, I laughed. That they take it out of context later is something elseSergio explained, very angry.

However, Alfa’s brother did not remain silent regarding the actions that Lucila maintains with Walter these days and in relation to a controversial viral video, where she assured: “And remember friends, the minors that you eat do not count as cattle, they are calves”.

'Alpha' of ' <a href=Big Brother 2022′ expressed his desire to leave the house voluntarily.” data-height=”419″ data-size=”w:745,h:419″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src= “” title=”‘Alfa’ from ‘Big Brother 2022’ expressed his desire to leave the house voluntarily.” vspace=”5″>
‘Alpha’ from ‘Big Brother 2022’ expressed his desire to leave the house voluntarily.

In this sense, Sergio lashed out: “A girl, a person like “Tora”, where in its contents it says that ‘if you eat a minor, you eat a calf’, that is a child molester”. And concluded:And now she is the one who raises the flag of dignity, when she put that on Twitter. But hey, you can see that everyone grabs onto that nowadays “.

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