alpha of "Big Brother" he wants to leave the house: he already asked for the suitcase

Within hours of Juan leaving the house of ” Big Brother 2022″ In the last Elimination Gala, the famous contest could be losing another participant. Alpha, the oldest little brother in the house, announced with tears in his eyes his intentions to leave the competition due to the accusations against him.

The controversial character that continues to generate strong reactions outside the homeended up in plaque during the fourth week of “Argentinian Big Brother” not by the vote of his peers, but by decision of the production of the program. The sanction was in response to the questionable comments of a sexual nature that Alfa made to Coti.

The Correntina seems to have overcome the episode, but the same cannot be said about Lucila “la Tora” and Nacho. What remains of “the Little Monkeys” continued raising the debate around the behavior of Alpha inside the house, challenging him for qualifying Coti for “crazy” when she filed her complaint and for assuring that the incident was “a joke”.

Alfa was affected by the questions of Tora and Nacho.

The accusations of the two participants appear to have surpassed Alphawho in the last hours He broke down in tears and assured that he had already asked to leave the house in the confessional of ” Big Brother”. “It is done”he is heard to say with teary eyes, lying face down in the men’s room.

“Here the important thing is that you are calm, that you know that people chose you…”he tried to comfort him Agustin. “No, but I really went to tell him, the truth is that I’m leaving”insisted Alphasurrounded by frames, Rabbit Y “frodo”. “I already told you with your first and last name: I cannot bear that Lucila and Nacho are accusing me and looking for followers with the accusing finger. I can not, I can not.

The little brother would have asked for the suitcase to leave the house, but Big Brother would have surprised him with his answer: according to what Alpha told his companions, from production they told him that they will take action towards the sayings of the Torah. Will Alpha be convinced to stay?

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