alpha of "Big Brother 2022" was repudiated in the networks for an unpatriotic gesture in the match of Argentina

It seems that to Alpha of ” Big Brother” likes to be in the middle of controversysince week by week the participant of “GH” It is a trend for its misplaced comments. The last controversy in which he was involved was when verbally harassed Coti Romero, which did not go unnoticed by viewers and went to the plate. Now, the sixty-year-old was the center of criticism when did not want to support Rodrigo de Paul’s team in his World Cup debut.

The participants of Big Brother 2022″ they won the right to see the first game of the Argentine team after having fulfilled a weekly challenge, causing much happiness among the competitors. The meeting brought together the participants of “GH” in the living room of the Telefe property minutes before 7 am and Hernán Feler was in charge of narrating the game to prevent external information from accidentally leaking into the house.

“Do you want a flag?”he asked Coti Romero to Alphawho was sitting next to him. The ironworker flatly rejected the suggestion and even assured that he feels more identified with the United States than with his native country. Pointing to the bandana she was wearing, on which was an American flag, she said: “This is my flag”. Shocked, the Correntina managed to say: “No no no. What are you doing here watching the game?

As the game progressed, the participants became excited and shouted all the plays of La Scaloneta, being Agustín Guardis who got all the attention for his energetic reactions. On the contrary, Alpha He was not very concerned about the game and going even further, did not celebrate Lionel Messi’s penalty goal.

Alpha was repudiated in networks for not supporting the selection

The networks did not take long to react and #ALFA AL 9009 quickly went viral to encourage people to vote for the participant of “GH in the following elimination gala. It should be remembered that Alpha income to “ Big Brother 2022 with a jacket with the flag of the northern country and also lived for a long time in that country and, in addition, on repeated occasions he has expressed his sympathy for the United States.

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