alpha of "Big Brother 2022" he made a misplaced joke to Juliet and the little sister left the room: the video

As the days go by in the house of “Big Brother 2022”, coexistence becomes more and more difficult. In the last few hours, while Juliet Poggio She stated that she was very upset. Alpha he made an awkward joke that failed to make anyone laugh.

Look at the moment when Alfa makes an awkward joke for Juliet in “Big Brother 2022”!

Although the model entered “GH” very much in love with her boyfriend Lucca Bardelli, the “little sister” was found building a deep friendship with Frames. The relationship is so beautiful in the eyes of the public that the followers of the Telefe reality show are looking forward to seeing that couple come true. Although “Disney” was faithful to her feelings for Bardelli, the young man was seen kissing in a bowling alley in Buenos Aires. However, this is something that the dancer is totally unaware of, due to the isolation experienced by the competitors.

In a conversation between Juliet, the “little brother” from Salta, Romina and Alfa in one of the armchairs in the patio, the model was uncomfortable with the situation and expressed: “I’m leaving because I’m really bad”. “Do not stay”it was the first mockery that was recorded by the 60-year-old contestant, who he said the words with an ironic tone. Likewise, Romina, in a very maternal way, since he has three daughtersHe asked the young woman: “Do you want me to go with you? Do you want to go alone, Juli?

While Juliet was determined to abandon the moment she was sharing with her classmates, Big Brother”, revealed: “I’m going to sleep. I don’t know, I have anguish.” Once, the former national deputy offered to accompany the actress, but she refused. However, the second out of place joke made by Alfa caught the attention of the public.“Do you want a wine? come stay”, pointed out the participant, as he grabbed the hand of the young woman who was passing behind him.

Julieta, Marcos, Alfa and Romina were having a conversation in the patio of ' <a href='s houseBig Brother 2022′.” data-height=”419″ data-size=”w:857,h:482″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=” .ar/export/sites/cronica/img/2022/11/23/julieta_alfa_gh.jpeg_366287663.jpeg” title=”Julieta, Marcos, Alfa and Romina had a conversation in the patio of the ‘Big Brother 2022’ house.” vspace=”5″>
Julieta, Marcos, Alfa and Romina had a conversation in the patio of the “Big Brother 2022” house.

“I’ll be back in a bit” Juliet promised and prepared to leave the room. Before the dancer crossed the door that divides the exterior and interior of the house, the biggest “little brother” of the reality show teleph He tried to joke with the young woman again and launched: “Won’t you have a neck crossed?”.

The Torah of ” Big Brother” revealed that he suffered sexual harassment at the age of 9: “I punished myself with the night and alcohol to cover things up”

Alfa is one of the most controversial competitors of “GH”. It is not the first time that he has been misplaced with his comments. A few weeks ago she maintained an unfortunate attitude with Coti, which earned him to be sanctioned for Big Brother”.

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