alpha of "Big Brother 2022" and Lucila to hugs after their fight: the video

“Big Brother 2022” It has the particularity from its beginning that there is a lot of tension in coexistence in the most famous house in the country. The vast majority of participants did not take long to show their cards regarding the strategy used by each one to stay in the game. However, in the last few hours, Alpha and Lucilla they starred in an unexpected moment after different fights.

Alpha of “Big Brother 2022” and Lucila hugging after their fight

The nasty joke that he made Alpha a Coti generated a loud scandal inside the house. ANDThis led to a sanction by ” Big Brother” and the discomfort in a sector owned by Telefe. One of the main ones was The Torah, who showed his repudiation of the bullying situation carried out by the eldest in the house. After different disputes, there would be a bit of peace between the two.

Saturday afternoon at the house of “GH” He had his main moment with the challenge by groups that the production presented. Divided into two groups, the participants had to make homemade pizzas. The members of the winning team were Marcos, Julieta, Daniela, Agustín, Alfa and Lucilaso at the end of the game, They did not hesitate to celebrate as a group.

With a group hug and jumps, the two participants who appeared as enemies in the house decided to put their differences aside and enjoy the moment. This surprised some viewers, especially because of the anger that he maintained the Torah with his partner for several days.

Even the participant of “Big Brother 2022” had a critical situation after the elimination of Juan Reverdito in a one-on-one with Alfa. During a visit to the confessional, he asked with tears in his eyes if they showed the entire scene of the harassment he suffered Coti, who asked on different occasions to turn the page and not continue talking about the matter.

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