alpha of "Big Brother 2022" and Coti, they fought again shouting: "Again with the same thing"

“Big Brother 2022” It has several controversial characters. One of them is Alphawho starred in a reprehensible moment after an unpleasant joke to Coti in the men’s room. This settled on a sanction that the program gave the player, although it was only in one nomination. Days later, coexistence became more tense in the most famous house in the country with Lucila as a faithful enemy of the biggest competition.

Although more than a week passed since the episode between Alpha Y Coti of “Big Brother”, the theme is still valid among the participants. In the last few hours,Rabbit’s girlfriend opened up about his feelings about the constant conversations about the harassment he suffered from Walter. However, this time she came across the protagonist of the ugly moment he experienced.

“How tired I am, I can’t take it anymore”began in a chat with Agustin Y Juliana, who appears as one of his rivals in the strategy. Furthermore, the young woman continued: “Hearing Alpha speak another of the same, I was fighting loudlyslammed the door that almost broke the door. He was again with the same thing, the abuse they told him, bolud…, two weeks ago that happened, enough”.

“He got angry with me because I told him that’s it, that’s enough”explained with notable discomfort for the attitude he took Alpha before the accusation of some companions. ” Big Brother” found in Coti to one of its main players, since she made the spontaneous nomination weeks ago and divided the house, although nobody knew it was her. At her last gala, she asked if she could nominate herself, as part of a joint move with her partner.

It should be remembered that the voice of the house warned the participants about a plot that they discovered in one of the broadcasts. Coti Y Rabbit are singled out for agreeing votes against Maria Laurasomething that overturned their choices but will not stay there. Santiago del Moro confirmed that they will be punished and one option is to remove the benefit of saving a teammate from Cordoba, who won the weekly challenge.

Coti and Rabbit, targeted by “Big Brother 2022”.

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