Alpha and Romina’s "Big Brother" they reconciled and attacked Augustine: "it disgusts me"

Hours away from a new elimination gala at the house of “Big Brother 2022”, a tense climate is handled among the participants. This Saturday, Romina and Alfa staged a strong conflict that almost convinces the older brother to leave the pageant. However, it seems that the tension dissipated between the two cooks, who were seen talking in confidence about another of the house participants; and they didn’t say anything nice.

Look at the harsh words of Alfa and Romina for Agustín from Big Brother!

Outside of the house “Argentine Big Brother”, Augustine amassed unprecedented support. The “frodoneta” has among its members thousands of viewers and several of the biggest personalities of the Argentine show business, such as bizarre, duki Y the Kun Aguero.

Instead, inside the house few participants are interested in forming a friendship with the political analyst. Romina Y Alpha They proved not to be part of that minority, after being seen by viewers talking about “frodoafter reconciling from their most recent conflict.

“Did you eat meerkats?”I ask Alpha to the former deputy, using a new nickname to refer to Agustin of ” Big Brother”. “Choked Meerkats”answered Rominastarting a new conversation about the eating habits of “frodo“. There are several participants who criticized Agustín for his supposed gluttony, something that was not well received outside the house.

Agustín from Big Brother was once again alienated in the house this week.

“The day before yesterday I told him, ‘brother, you can’t eat like this. You’re a big guy, you’re in politics'”he confided Alpha a Rominawithout keeping his disgust at the eating habits of the popular little brother.I don’t know if it doesn’t come out, if it doesn’t have a worldif the family doesn’t tell you, but that’s a scary thing. it disgusts mesaid the nominee.

Alpha is back on board this weekaccompanying Lucilla “the Torah” Y Juliana, nicknamed the “Tini” of GH, in her first appearance on the nominees of the contest. Viewers will have time until the nomination gala begins This Sunday at 10:15 p.m. telefé.

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