Alpaca runs away and stops traffic on a busy street in England

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Every day incidents appear on the streets, but very few manage to capture the attention of users in the streets. social networks. Even these situations, in addition to causing an avalanche of comments, accumulate millions of views on the Internet.

That is the case of viral video of the ‘fugitive alpaca’ that swept across the platform Instagram. In the zone of soho roadlocated in the neighborhood of Handsworth, north of the center of the city of birmingham (England)Something totally unusual happened.

It turns out that the netizen @ctdunit19 I was behind the wheel when, suddenly, the animal appeared running loose. He thought it was a flame and, without thinking twice, he recorded the moment through his cell phone. “What is a llama doing running down the road?”the young man exclaimed as he recorded the strange scene.

Then the netizen @avi_g458 saw the same alpaca stopping traffic in the mentioned locality. Given this, the residents tried to guide the mischievous mammal to a safe place, reported Birmingham Mail.

Account @imjustbrum He was in charge of publishing both curious scenes in a single clip that caused a furor within the networks. “Call in Soho Road looking for Johnny Depp!”the page wrote, jokingly referring to the actor’s recent visit to Birmingham.

For their part, users took the images with a lot of humor. “We have to be careful the next time we drive down Soho Road with our cars”; “Depp freed them”; “He’s scared, I hope he’s okay”, were some comments.

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