Aloo Indore News In the investigation of spoiled potatoes the reason for shutting down the cold storage machine came to the fore

Indore, Naidunia Representative, Aloo Indore News. After the complaints of farmers about the spoilage of potatoes kept in the cold storage, the investigation of Jhanwar cold storage of Shipra has revealed that the potato has got spoiled due to the shutdown of the cooling machine. There has also been talk of some farmers’ potatoes being raw. This investigation has been done by the Horticulture Department. The status of complaints regarding other cold storages is not yet clear.

Lakhs of sacks of potatoes were kept in the Jhanwar cold storage of the farmers of villages like Purvahadappa, Barlai Jagir, Dakachaya, Pir Karadia, Vyaskhedi, Faraspur, Palasia, Arjun Baroda etc. This potato got completely spoiled and many potatoes have sprouted. Apart from the Horticulture Department, the farmers have also complained to the Shipra Tehsildar. Tehsildar Brahmaswaroop Srivastava told that the cold storage owner is ready to give up the rent of the farmers, but the demand of the farmers is that the storage owner should pay us the potato money from today’s price and out of the same, he will pay 25 percent as rent for his cold storage. Cut in However, the issue of potato spoilage of farmers is not being resolved.

Complaints of potato spoilage have also been received in other villages including Tillaur Khurd. The entire potato crop of many farmers rotted in the cold storage itself. In this, great negligence of cold storage operators is coming to the fore. Some storage operators say that there is a contract to keep the potato chips till August 31. We had already informed the farmers to extract potatoes, but the farmers did not extract potatoes. Because of this it is damaged. At present, talks are going on between the storage operators and the farmers, but the way is not being found.

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