Alok vents about the difficult phase after Marília Mendonça’s death: "moments of panic"

Alok decided to publish an open letter on social media, revealing that he had gone through a difficult period after the death of Marília Mendonça, reflecting on their priorities in professional and personal life.

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In a post published on his Instagram this Wednesday (24/11), he wrote: “Since Marília Mendonça’s early departure, I went into a process of many questions with deep sadness and moments of panic. The world is very fast and fast. there’s no time. Not even for mourning. ‘Need to post about the new music video’. ‘Need to post commercial deliveries’ ‘Need to post about upcoming shows.’ But what if I hadn’t felt ready? No time for questions.”

The DJ continued: “I was feeling out of touch with reality and very airy, bringing me triggers and plunging me headlong into a bout of labyrinthitis that was already knocking me down. I’ve never experienced this and had no idea how uncomfortable it is.” Alok also stated that he fulfilled his commitments with a smile. “But I soon felt the weight of my thoughts, but I didn’t share my pains, because I believe the world is in too much pain. And since I want to be a vehicle for healing, I need to be healed.”

“It’s pretty crazy, but what you know about me are fragments of stories and news told by other people. Rare are my most intimate appearances, but now I’m decided, and I want to get closer to you. Some comments in my photos are: your look looks so sad. My look carries many stories. How many things I’ve lived and seen in this life. It’s a depth. But I promise it’s not a look of sadness.” He took advantage of the outburst to praise his wife, Romana Novais, who has Ravi, 1 year and 10 months, and Raika, 11 months:

“I have infinite gratitude to God for life, for my children, family, friends and each one of you. I have no words to thank Romana for being so amazing, patient and welcoming to me. Often the only one to know. my life”. In addition, the artist said that he has been forgiving many people who have wronged him, asking for forgiveness if he has ever wronged someone, even without intention. “And I would like my fans to know how important you are to me. You are my strength. You make it all worthwhile.”

“Know that I will be eternally grateful to each of you who support and believe in my work. You teach me a lot and give me the fuel to keep going with a smile on your face,” added Alok.

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