Allegation of tax evasion: charges brought against Alfons Schuhbeck

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Allegation of tax evasion
Charges were brought against Alfons Schuhbeck

Long before Tim Mälzer, Steffen Henssler and Nelson Müller, it was already a brand: Alfons Schuhbeck. But the star chef’s white apron has got stains. The suspicion of tax evasion is in the room and is now even leading to charges.

Munich celebrity chef Alfons Schuhbeck has been charged with tax evasion. His spokesman Stephan Heller confirmed a corresponding report in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. The public prosecutor’s office in Munich I, however, did not want to comment on tax secrecy.

Schuhbeck’s spokesman said that he could not make any further statements about the procedure. Schuhbeck himself did not want to comment on the allegations. If the indictment is admitted, the cook will face a lawsuit.

More than two years ago, the public prosecutor’s investigations into suspicion of tax evasion against Schuhbeck became known. In connection with this, the 72-year-old’s business premises were also searched. “I will work very closely and very openly with the authorities to rebut all allegations,” said Schuhbeck at the time. He is “available to the authorities in all questions and answers”.

The next corona victim?

Schuhbeck is one of the most famous chefs and restaurateurs in the republic. He has cooked for the Beatles and Charlie Chaplin, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Queen – and again and again for FC Bayern Munich. His name is a brand. He built up a network of companies with three restaurants, a catering service, an ice cream parlor and spice shops.

In July of this year, however, it became known that Schuhbeck’s empire was in financial difficulties. He filed for bankruptcy and justified this with a lack of government aid in the wake of the corona pandemic. “After the publicly announced state aid has not been received by me to this day, I have to file for bankruptcy for my companies,” said Schuhbeck at the time, according to a message that was headed with the words: “The next corona victim.”

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Until recently, he had hoped for government financial aid and invested private money in his company, Schuhbeck said at the time. “But now it’s over.”

Missing balance sheets

However, according to information from the Federal Office of Justice (BFJ), Schuhbeck had not published any annual reports since 2017. Since this violates the disclosure obligation stipulated in the Commercial Code for several types of companies, the Bonn authority initiated administrative fine proceedings, as the BFJ announced on request shortly after the insolvency proceedings became known.

In the summer of the Federal Gazette, the balance sheets of “Schuhbeck’s Holding GmbH & Co. KG” and “Schuhbeck’s Partyservice GmbH and Co. KG” for 2017, 2018 and 2019 were missing.

The fine is usually a minimum of 2500 euros and a maximum of 25,000 euros. In the meantime, Schuhbeck could have raised a considerable sum.

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