All sun. Rising temperatures in the Center South

Weather Saturday 15th January: sunny weather

the forecast of tomorrow, Saturday 15th January, confirm the arrival of another day very sunny throughout Italy, the first of a weekend with connotations little winter thanks to the insistent presence of the Azores anticyclone.

In this regard, the team underlines that over the weekend the very large high pressure area which has taken over Western Europe will continue to protect Italy from any threat capable of disturbing the atmosphere. For this reason we will have it again on Saturday good weather prevailing with clear skies, apart from some thicker clouds between Calabria and Sicily. The maximum temperatures they will grow further, surpassing the climatic averages of the period, especially in the Center-South, with peaks between 13 and 15 degrees in some large cities, including Rome and Naples.

Sunday January 16th 3BMeteo experts anticipate that the situation will remain roughly unchanged, net of the appearance of mists and mists early in the morning along the Po and in the Tuscan valleys. In the latter case, the subsequent lifting of the water droplets could give rise to the formation of some afternoon cloud cover between Tuscany and eastern Liguria, but always in one quiet and dry environment. It goes without saying that in the areas affected by fog the thermal values ​​will remain colder than in the rest of the country.

The time of Saturday January 15th


Good weather over all regions. Maximum temperatures: 13 ° in Genoa, 9 ° in Turin and Milan.


A few harmless clouds on the Venetian, for the rest a very sunny day. Maximum temperatures: 9 ° in Bolzano and Bologna, 10 ° in Venice.

Center and Sardinia

Clear skies over all regions, with the exception of some irregular clouds over the north-western sectors of Sardinia. Maximum temperatures: 12 ° in Cagliari, 9 ° in Florence, 14 ° in Rome.

South and Islands

More cloudy or locally covered between lower Calabria and northern Sicily; ample sunshine elsewhere. Maximum temperatures: 15 ° in Naples, 14 ° in Bari, 13 ° in Palermo.

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