All Or Nothing: Juventus, the review: Ronaldo’s “last dance” and many others

All or Nothing: Juventus – a game image

The Last Dance it is perhaps the best example of a sports documentary that has been seen between cinema and TV in recent years. Thus, whenever a series, or a sports film, whether documentary or fictional, arrives on the screen, on any screen, the series dedicated to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls is always taken as a benchmark. In review of All Or Nothing: Juventus, the TV series available in streaming on Prime Video from November 25th, we will tell you about a story that has something of The Last Dance. We don’t talk so much about the narrative style, the epic that characterized the Jordan series. It is precisely the fact that, for an unexpected series of reasons, last season was the one of the last dance for so many characters. Cristiano Ronaldo, of course, the most representative player. But also Andrea Pirlo, coach for only one season, and also the Sporting Director, Fabio Paratici. And then, a legend like Gigi Buffon. The “last dance“of these four characters makes All Or Nothing: Juventus something very special. We know that football today goes at an incredible speed, and that each new season puts the other on file. But watching the Amazon Prime Video series today really feels like traveling to another era. It’s been a few months since the end of that season, but it feels like years have gone by. All Or Nothing: Juventus it is a very interesting series, for how it retraces a season, for how it shows so many behind the scenes that we usually don’t see, for how it dispels some myths. To see, for Juventus, and perhaps not only.

A historic season, but for other reasons

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All or Nothing: Juventus – an image of the stadium

It probably didn’t have to go like this last season, probably both Prime Video, which chose Juventus to bring its All Or Nothing format to Italy, and the Juventus, they expected this film to celebrate a historic season, that of the tenth consecutive championship. The club, coach and players really believed in it, and that’s one of the interesting things about the series. There are those who say that, from the beginning, the club, given the choice of Pirlo, a rookie coach, expected a transition season. It was not so. During the episodes we all see, from the first to the last, believe in the tenth championship, and also dream of the Champions League. And so All or Nothing: Juventus is a series with a particular flavor. Because a Juventus that has not won, at least in the last ten years, is an oxymoron. And being able to tell the story of the first season in which Juve did not win the championship, if on the one hand it is unlucky, on the other it is also very original.

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The impact of Cristiano Ronaldo

Aon Juventus Primevideo 12

All or Nothing: Juventus – an image in the locker room

Reviewing last season now, however, highlights the positive aspects. We will all remember it as the one in which Juve did not win the Scudetto, of course. And we all, in the end, had the perception of a tragic season. To see it again today, beyond the two cups won, it is a less bad season than we remember. There have been some great matches, like the victories in Barcelona and San Siro with Milan and with Inter in the Italian Cup. Above all, even if too much in flashes, there was also a good game. This, given the ending, we had forgotten. Someone also soon forgot the impact on the games of a player like Cristiano Ronaldo. We all know that actually. But seeing his goals and his athletic gestures isolated and close together, fixed in a documentary is even more impressive.

Behind the scenes

Aon Juventus Primevideo 1

All or Nothing: Juventus – a scene from the series

The seasons are also important when they are of growth“Fabio Paratici said in the first episode of the series. One of the interesting things is to see the start of this season, with a new coach, rookie, many young players, with only three weeks of preparation before the championship. It started with a staff. still incomplete, without a center forward, who will later turn out to be Alvaro Morata. The feverish transfer market negotiations, which are evoked by the speeches between the Juve executives, but obviously are not fully revealed to us, are one of the fascinating behind the scenes of this series . The market is a very delicate thing. “You need to have plan A and plan B.“explains Paratici.”But you have to have plans up to M, or N“. Behind the scenes is one of the keys to this series All Or Nothing: Juventus we enter the changing rooms, the press room, the corridors of the headquarters, the tactics room, which is basically a small cinema, and the meeting rooms where a talented press officer is able to predict the questions that will be asked to the coach at the press conference . Or the communications manager who has to make a Christmas video and starts sweating the moment Ronaldo has to arrive, with time counted. Cameras have access everywhere, even in the homes of coaches and players. Going behind the scenes also means debunking certain myths, such as the one that Andrea Pirlo, a staid coach, did not charge the team: we often see him shouting in the locker room and on the pitch. The cameras are also able to catch his repeated “vaffa“, when Cuadrado was sent off in the home match against Fiorentina.

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The sky over Turin

Aon Juventus Primevideo 7

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All or Nothing: Juventus – a series dinner

The sky over Turin watches over all this, the one that the Subsonica sang, sometimes more gray than blue. But somehow intimate, protective. All Or Nothing. Juventus, is also the story of the relationship between Juventus and Turin, often underestimated, because it is always said that Juve is the team of Italy. Instead, Juventus players live in this beautiful, elegant, reserved and courteous city. Where someone stops them for a photo, of course, but where they have no hassles. Turin is the city where Bonucci takes the children to school on foot, and in that moment he is just a dad, like us. It is the city where Bonucci is able to volunteer and go to train with a team of disabled children. The winning choice of the Prime Video series is that it widens the vision from the field to the off screen, which multiplies the points of view. In this series we see that Juve are also its fans. And then we see the matches alongside particular fans. A father and a son who meet to watch the games together, some middle-class women from Turin, up to a parish where there are two priests, one from Juve and one from Toro, whom we see watching the derby together.

That outburst of Cristiano Ronaldo …

All Or Nothing: Juventus it is an epic and at the same time intimate tale. which alternates football with life, and confuses them, because for players, coaches and managers, football is life and is present almost every moment. He tells the sporting season with archive images or ad hoc shot, he manages to fix the athletic deeds with slow motion, the trademark of the sporting epic, he travels in the white, cold and elegant corridors of the sports centers and the team headquarters, he shoots everything sharply. The series communicates a feeling of transparency, even if obviously it is a studied transparency. The most visceral moments, however, come out: Ronaldo’s outburst in the interval between Juve – Porto of Champions is one of them. What transpires from the series, above all else, is the great work by everyone – footballers, technicians, doctors, communications workers – those who are in Juve. For this reason, even if obviously it is a product intended for Juventus fans, it would also be interesting to see for opposing fans, especially those who claim that Juve wins through cross roads. The organization, the work, the seriousness, the living for the victory that we see in this series say it all. In any case, there are many non-Juventus players who admire this team. and there will be a why. In The Last Dance Jordan’s farewell at the end of the season was a known thing, in this series the goodbyes were something unexpected. But somehow they gave the work a particular flavor.


In the review of All Or Nothing: Juventus we told you about a very interesting series, for how it retraces a season, for how it shows many behind the scenes that we usually do not see, for how it dispels some myths. To see, for Juventus, and perhaps not only.

Because we like it

  • The series is a behind-the-scenes look at a well-known team, and it shows us aspects that we don’t usually see.
  • The point of view, which in addition to the field and dressing room shows the life of the players and those of the fans.
  • The fact of having told a very special season, that of the last dance of many champions.

What’s wrong

  • What we see gives us an idea of ​​transparency, but obviously everything is studied and approved.
  • In Italy it will be above all a series for Juventus fans (but we also recommend it to other football fans).

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