All of France against Verratti: “You go back to Pescara to eat arrosticini and smoke”

The dream of Paris Saint-Germain to win the Champions League it faded once again. The defeat with the Bayern Monaco it is heavy for i to digest French fans and many players have been strongly criticized, one above all: Marco Verratti. He didn’t convince the Italian midfielder’s performance, guilty of having committed two serious errors that led to the two German goals. The speaker of RMC Sports Daniel Riolo commented on his latest performances, questioning Verrratti’s professionalism: “It should be postponed to Pescara – he declared in front of the microphones – so he can eat the skewersstroll along the seafront, drink his shots and to smoke his cigarettes.

A very harsh attack, which however is not isolated. After the elimination in the Champions League, the main French sports newspaper The Team he chastised Verratti with a 2 on the report card: “A lot of energy in the first half, then the collapse of the second half with the balls lost on the first and second goals”. The Parisian it was no less heavy: Verratti received 2.5. But the most drastic rejection came from Le Figaro: “Mistake grotesqueunworthy in a match of this level”.

In short, in France today everyone is protesting Verratti. And Pescara tried to throw it on irony: “We have nothing against it… on the contrary! Training sessions, games, two arrosticini and lots of sea”, the brilliant response on Twitter.

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