"All my surgeries went…"Maeva Ghennam, close to Doctor Azoulay, finally speaks on the case of failed patients

Since Luna Skye and Emilie Amar accused Benjamin Azoulay, the reality TV candidates’ cosmetic surgeon, of having failed their operations, four other similar testimonies have come to support their disastrous experiences. In total, they are now 6 to have suffered complications following interventions by the surgeon. Faced with the controversy, the latter was invited to give his version of the facts on the set of TPMP May 5th. “When you are a surgeon and whatever the surgery, there is no surgery without risk and without complications. We always have small complications, medium ones, sometimes the most important ones. My job is to take care of them. I am a surgeon who accompanies his patients, all the time. I never abandon them”he said, adding that surgery is never without risk.

Faced with the controversy, a candidate for reality TV fan of the scalpel gave him his full support this Wednesday, May 11. This is Maeva Ghennam, emblematic candidate of the “Marseillais”. “So it’s good to speak out when things are bad, but it’s also good to speak up when things are going. I’ve known Ben for 4 years now and it’s no surprise for you. You know he m operated on several occasions. All the operations I have done with him have gone very well so I have to talk about it. Today, he has become a friend and he is going through a very difficult period”, said Greg’s ex in his Instagram stories. Without encouraging surgery and minimizing the words of Luna Skye. “I’m not encouraging anyone to have surgery, I just want to comment on the controversy that there has been and tell you that yes, you have to say it when things are not going well, but you also have to say it when everything is going well. well. And for me with him, it always went very well and he injected me with Hyacorp several times. I always supported Luna because I know what she went through was very hard for her”she concluded.

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