All Lady Di movies ordered from worst to best

Kristen Stewart will play Lady Di on Spencer and once again the novel of the British crown becomes fashionable again. Although it had its premiere at festivals and in theaters in some parts of the world, it has not yet had its official launch in Latin America and the followers of the former Twilight they can’t wait. If you are one of those who adores the stories of the Royal family, you should not miss these films based on the life of the Princess of Wales.

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+ Lady Di Films Sorted From Worst To Best According To IMDB

5. Diana: Last Days of a Princess

Genevieve O’Reilly was chosen to play the Princess of Wales in Diana: Last Days of a Princess, one of the films released for television that has Lady Di as the protagonist. Premiered in 2007 and tells of the romance that he maintains with Dodi Al Fayed. And it is precisely with him that he died in the terrible accident on August 31, 1997 in Paris. On IMDb, the tape was rated with 5.4 points out of 10.

4. Diana

On 2013, a new film inspired by the first wife of the heir to the British Crown, hit theaters with a role that remained in the memory of viewers. Is about Diana, which was starred by Naomi Watts and that tells the last years of the princess’s life. His own synopsis notes: “A final rite of passage, a secret love affair with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan”. In this way, he received the score of 5.5.

3. The woman of Windsor

On this occasion, it was not only Lady Di who was the protagonist of the story. Five years before the death Diana, the English actress Nicola Formby personified the princess. Qualified with 5.8 points, the television movie also presents the life of Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York and ex-wife of Prince Andrew. The resemblance between Nicola and Diana was striking at the time.

2. Spencer

It has not yet had its official premiere, but they already place it as one of the best films based on the biography of Lady Di. Directed by Pablo Larrain and starring Kristen Stewart, the film was presented at festivals and received -according to IMDb- a score of the 7.3. The feature film exposes the royal family’s vacation in Sandringham, just as Diana decides that her marriage to Prince Charles is not working and must end.

1. The Queen

Although its name refers to the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, the film – released in 2006– is directly related to Lady Di. Under the direction of Stephen Frears and the script by Peter Morgan, Helen Mirren gives life to the main reference of the British Crown, who after the death of the princess, must try that the event does not take a further toll on the royal family. Like Spencer, was scored with 7.3.

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