All for Lucy: details of the new Mexican Prime Video series

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The remake series of I love Lucy is getting closer to reaching Prime Video. Know all the details of what this new Mexican strip will be.

Natalia Tellez as Lucy
© Prime VideoNatalia Tellez as Lucy

There are series that, no matter how many years go by, are well remembered for the rage they were at the time of their premiere. Among them is I Love Lucya six-season sitcom Lucille Ball starred in in 1951 and it was very successful for its time. That’s why last year Prime Video decided to honor her with the premiere of Being the Ricardoswhich starred Nicole Kidman.

However, now, Prime Video goes for more and launches a new bet to remember I Love Lucy. On this occasion the platform will launch all for lucya Mexican remake of said fiction. For now, the new version that will be published on the on-demand service will have a single season and is ready to be shared worldwide. It will be next May 20 when the first episodes are shared.

Although, everything indicates that this new edition of I Love Lucy translated into Spanish and with different protagonists, it will be adapted to the current era. For all for lucywho will put himself in the shoes of Lucille Ball will be Natalia Tellezwhile Daniel Tovar will be her husband Ricky. On the other hand, Andrés Zuno and Daniel Haddad will be the new Esteban and Federico, the neighbors of Lucy and Ricky.

The series, of which it is not yet known exactly how it will be focused, was developed and produced by Endemol Shine Boomdog who, together with Elefantec Global, acquired the rights to the original strip to recreate it as an updated comedy. And, without a doubt, they have achieved it since the synopsis that anticipates what will come in this Prime Video original creationleft viewers wanting more.

In this new series, Lucy is a 21st century woman who wants to be in love, but doesn’t want to give up her individuality. Mexican actress Natalia Téllez (Después de Ti) will play the iconic character of Lucy, while Daniel Tovar (Mirreyes Vs. Godínez) will play her husband Ricky de Ella. And to complete this look at love, Andrés (Andy) Zuno (Al Diablo con los Guapos) and Daniel Haddad (La Busca) play the couple of Esteban and Federico, who are the neighbors of Lucy and Ricky”, describes the official synopsis.

And, at the time of the announcement of the series, Leo Zimbrón from Endemol Shine Boomdog assured: “I Love Lucy is the foundation of every comedy show ever made—and we’re honored to reimagine it with its pivotal stories and characters.”. Then he added: “We took this classic series and transformed it into a romantic comedy for 2021. It was a difficult and beautiful task, working with fantastic talent in front of and behind the camera. Our cast made the characters their own, so we have a very current relationship between Lucy and Ricardo, and the stories are in every way ‘life today”.

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