All about the cockring: how it works, benefits and risks

Definition: what is the cockring?

The cock ring is what is called in good French a penis ring. To put it simply, it is an erotic accessory that is placed either directly on the penis, or behind the testicles, at the level of the pubis.

Penis ring: its use

The penis ring can be used alone, for masturbation; but also in two or more, during sexual intercourse.

How does the cock ring work?

“It’s a mechanism somewhat similar to that ofa tourniquet. By placing the cockring at the base of the penis, the blood flow is restricted and the blood remains blocked in the penis, thus creating an effect of hardness and pressure which can intensify the pleasure for certain users as well as for their partners”, explains the sexologist.

It will allow to accentuate the erection, to prolong the duration of the report and thus to delay the ejaculation. “However, be careful not to take it as a remedy for erectile dysfunction, it is only a playful object”, warns Claire Alquier. She adds: “Its effectiveness varies according to the individual, depending on the stress or discomfort caused by the accessory. The more the man is comfortable with this process, the more the pleasure will be intense.

How to choose your cock ring and where to buy it?

Vibrating, metal or silicone, what are the different types of cock rings and their variants?

Disposable or not, textured or smooth, single or double…when it comes to cock rings, today’s manufacturers are not short of creativity.

Along with the classics silicone cock rings, flexible and soft, we will find, for example, vibrating or studded rings. “These make it possible to stimulate, at the same time, the clitoris of the partner and to maximize the sensations during penetration” specifies the sexologist.

THE connected models, them, are ideal to vary the pleasures and why not create the effect of surprise, by activating it remotely.

Those metal or aluminumoften more expensive, will rather be reserved for accessory experts: “They need to know its size well to use it so as not to hurt yourself with it. For the first time, the silicone version, for its flexible and comfortable to wear, will be the most recommended.”

Some advice for the purchase

Take the correct size. “If the cock ring is too tight, there may be a feeling of jamming or, on the contrary, if it is too wide, the cock ring will be useless or even embarrassing” explains Claire Alquier. To know the correct size, measure the diameter of the erect phallus, using a tape measure or equivalent, then divide this figure by 3.14 (Pi); the result obtained is normally between 2.8 and 5 cm.

Pay attention to the choice of material. This point is crucial, it must be durable, non-toxic (allergic components) and safe. “Those made of silicone or hypoallergenic rubber (TPR/TPE) are of good quality. Beware of economic models sold on the internet which do not always correspond to the standards in force in France.”

Put the price. Do not hesitate to spend a little more rather than buying a cheap cock ring: more fragile and crumbly. Count on average from 12 euros to 20 euros for a qualitative version.

Where to buy it?

There are many specialty stores with sellers who will be able to advise you on the model adapted to your desires. But if you prefer to make an online purchase, it is better to favor trusted sites such as The Passage of Desire or Adam and Eve in order to avoid dangerous counterfeits.

Afterwards, with a little practice, why not try the cock ring to put around the testicles?

Why put a ring around the testicles?

A little more intimidating, this type of cock ring will have the advantage of staying in place better and providing a more complete sensation: it encompasses the penis and the testicles and, for some, exerts pressure on the perineum. ”These cock rings also play a role in maintaining erection and can help to delay ejaculation by related to the feeling of constraint they exercise”, adds Claire Alquier.

To insert it, it is preferable to have the testicles well relaxed, a hot shower can help to position it more easily.

How to use the penis ring without risk?

The cock ring is not a purely BDSM accessory (Bondage, Domination, Submission, Sado-Masochism) and should therefore not hurt during use. Let us specify what it is good to do and not to do.

Preferably, place the accessory on the flaccid penis : “Standing up or lying down, it’s up to everyone to find the comfortable position to put it on. And if you want to, why not do it in pairs, with your⸱a partner, in order to create more complicity. But also, don’t hesitate to try out the cock ring a bit on your own, before sharing the experience as a couple. »

Do not hesitate to use lubricant, which will always be a good ally, to place it more easily.

To avoid getting your pubic hair caught in the cock ring, it is also recommended to shave.

Combine penis ring with a condom for non-exclusive or multi-partner sex to limit the risk of STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Be careful, however, that it does not rub too much so as not to tear the protection.”

It is essential to remove the penis ring if there is any discomfort, loss of sensation or other kind of pain felt. The use of a lubricant can also be very useful to remove it more quickly.

To clean his cockring after each use. “Like all other sex toys, it can be cleaned either with dedicated products, especially if it is made of silicone, or quite simply with soap and water. Be sure to dry it thoroughly before storing it, always in a safe place dust,” recalls the therapist.

Keeping the cock ring on too long. “The duration of use may vary depending on the models of penis rings, but in general do not leave it for more than 20 to 30 minutes. Among the risks in the event of prolonged use, the bursting of certain veins or even priapism : prolonged painful erection.

Forget to take it off and fall asleep with: “Since the blood is poorly oxygenated, it risks damaging the tissues and causing irreparable damage such as necrosis”

Consuming alcohol or illicit substances when using it. “The latter could inhibit certain sensations of pain. It will also be advisable for individuals on anticoagulants or who suffer from blood, nervous or blood pressure problems to consult a doctor before embarking on the practice of the cock ring.

Do not use the cock ring too frequently : “Repeated use can reduce ejaculation in the long term, this is especially the case with a model that is integrated into the testicles. »

Apply so-called “non-sensitising” treatments: “Pain and tingling are signs to listen to and not hide. They will allow the accessory to be removed quickly if necessary. »

Using the cock ring to solve erectile problems. “Even if it is used with a vacuum (penis pump), this “sex toy” does not create an erection, it can simply strengthen it and maintain it longer. If there are erectile disorders, it will therefore be advised to consult your general practitioner or a sexologist specialist.

Beware with the metal ring. In the event of strangulation of the penis, the latter cannot be cut in an emergency and cause serious sequelae (appearance of hematomas, permanent loss of erection, etc.). If treatment by a healthcare professional takes too long, as was the case with the mishap that happened to a Chinese man, this can even lead to permanent loss of the penis (source 1).

In any case, it may be worth consulting a sexologist doctor before using a cock ring, whatever it is, and carefully reading the indications and contraindications on the packaging box.

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