Alirajpur News: Life imprisonment to the accused who murdered over rivalry

Alirajpur. The Jobat Court has sentenced the two accused of murder in the enmity to life imprisonment and a fine of one thousand rupees. Assistant District Public Prosecution Officer Mahesh Baghel said that the incident dated 14 April 2020 is from Vadwadiya Falia village Sejawada. Complainant Lalu, his father Amar Singh and other relatives were at home. At around six o’clock in the evening, Willu, who lived in the village, had taken Amarsingh from the house, saying that he would pierce the palm and cook the rooster. At around 11 o’clock in the night, Lalu’s maternal uncle Ramesh and Ratna came and told that Amar Singh was killed by Mana and Vilu of the village. On this everyone rushed to the spot. Amar Singh’s body was lying behind Mana’s house. On this, the Azadnagar police considered the accused and registered a case of murder against Vilu. The relatives had told the police that the accused had killed Amar Singh in the rivalry of the dispute that took place three years ago. After investigation, the police filed the charge sheet in the court. The court found the accused guilty and sentenced them.

Deworming campaign will be run from 13 to 23 September

Alirajpur. Deworming campaign will be launched in the district from September 13 to 23. CMHO Dr. Prakash Dhoke informed that deworming campaign is conducted once in a year to prevent soil borne infection. Under this, all the schools and Anganwadi centers will go door-to-door and give deworming medicine to the children and youth between the age of one to 19 years. For this, the duty of field staff has been imposed.

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