Alinne Moraes poses with short hair and receives compliments: "Flawless"

Alinne Moraes shared the first photo of the new look, this Friday (11/19), in which she appears with short hair and received several compliments from internet users, who approved the look.

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On her Instagram, Alinne published a selfie in which she appears with short hair, a look she adopted for São Paulo Fashion Week, where she walked on the catwalk at Torino, this Wednesday (11/17).

In the comments, followers praised the actress for her new look: “It was awesome, you’re perfection,” one wrote. “This woman doesn’t have a fault,” said another. “Is Barbara’s new phase coming?”, asked another one, referring to her character in A Place in the Sun.

recently, aline talked about his relationship with Mariana Goldfarb and praised his ex’s wife, Cauã Reymond, with whom he stars in the current soap opera. In an interview with IS IT OVER THERE, the actress explained her relationship:

“The expectation for rivalry between women is natural. It shouldn’t, but society expects it. It gives money to some magazines, websites and gossip media. Unfortunately, enmities are sold much more than friendships. But Mari is so beautiful, so mature for her age (31 years old).”

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