Aline Campos shares beautiful images during sunset in Fernando de Noronha: "Gratitude"

the model and actress Aline Fields used her Instagram this Friday morning (07/01) to share a video where she appears enjoying a sunset in Fernando de Noronha. In the video, Aline appears wearing a beautiful red bikini, showing off her defined body, and opens her arms during a speedboat ride. “Gratitude,” captioned Aline in the video.

Aline recently shared a reflection on her self-image, where she appeared super-produced wearing high heels and even the megahair to make your hair longer.

She gradually removed the accessories and took the opportunity to analyze herself. “This is Aline. In fact, one of the Alines“, began the actress.

This Aline is part of a pattern created by society that for many years has been strengthened by having gained the acceptance of the majority. This majority is still very attached to the outside for not being able to see itself from the inside, whether out of fear or not wanting to leave the comfort zone,” he said.

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