Aline Campos reveals the real reason for changing her stage name: “It wasn’t out of nowhere”

well known as Aline Riscadothe dancer Aline Campos 一 who for years was part of the ballet of domingão Faustão 一 said that the decision to use another stage name “didn’t happen out of nowhere”.

The change of the artistic name (which was already established in the market) was motivated by a “desire to express the truth”.

“Depending on the point of view, surely this choice [de trocar o nome artístico] may have had harmful aspects, yes. Every change, even more radical like mine, generates questions and even a lack of understanding. This choice for me was something very profound. It didn’t come out of nowhere,” she explained to Quem.

Aline explained that the exchange was the “icing on the cake” that was missing so that she could “express her truth”.

“[A troca do nome] it was the icing on the cake that was missing for me to also externally express my truth. This truth is an eternal process of transformations, as I allowed myself to enter the flow of self-knowledge, freeing myself from patterns, beliefs and any boxes. I feel so good expressing my current truth,” she revealed.

The dancer said that she is grateful to Aline Riscado, but that she feels 100% proud of currently using Campos:

“The fact that Aline Riscado wasn’t true, it was my truth from that moment, and I’m very grateful to her! But today, regardless of the lack of understanding or acceptance of many who may not yet access the depth of this transformation, I feel 100% proud and satisfied for my choice to also be what I want to be for all of Brazil”, she explained.

Aline added: “Just as people disconnect, others connect, and with much more truth. And that’s what really matters to me. Aline Campos is truth, connection through the heart, art, inconstancy, search for balance, mistakes, successes, courage, strength, sensitivity. Very flowery and fragrant fields (laughs)”, she added.

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