Alicia Machado: who is Dinorah Valentina, the daughter of the former Miss Universe

Like when she won the Miss Universe crown in 1996, now Alicia machado has returned to be on the main covers of show programs. The Venezuelan actress was established as the winner of “The home of the famous”And one of the happiest has been her daughter, Dinorah Valentina, who posed on social media with the Telemundo reality show grand prize.

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Since joining the program, Machado became one of the audience’s favorite participants. This he achieved thanks to his personality and charisma that has earned him followers since the time he was part of the most famous beauty pageant in the world.

In 2008, 12 years after being crowned the most beautiful woman on the planet, Alicia became a mother, bringing the world to Dinorah Valentina, who constantly celebrates the triumphs of her mother, as we could see in the finale of the reality show.

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“Here are three of the winners of ‘The House of Famous’ and the other winners are my #TeamMachado, who achieved more than 40 million votes. My beloved mother, who without her I would not have been able to achieve anything and my beautiful daughter who is my inspiration and motive “The presenter also wrote on her Instagram account.

Alicia Machado with her mother and daughter with the award she won in “The House of the Famous” (Photo: Alicia Machado / Instagram)


Dinorah Valentina She is currently 13 years old, as she was born on June 25, 2008. She is daughter of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado and the businessman Rafael Hernandez LinaresAlthough according to the media, not much is known about the relationship between him and the girl.

From the constant publications she makes on her social networks, it is known that Alicia Machado has been the one who has raised her daughter since she was a child, and although she has lamented this situation many times, she assures that she is proud of being a single mother.

The daughter of the former Miss Universe is 13 years old (Photo: Alicia Machado / Instagram)
The daughter of the former Miss Universe is 13 years old (Photo: Alicia Machado / Instagram)

In 2018, during an interview, the actress stated: “My daughter is legally mine, my daughter is an American citizen and in this country I have all the rights to be a single mother, in every sense of the word”.

Due to this situation, Machado and his daughter have managed to forge a close relationship, which has allowed Dinorah to be very close to her mother at all the events she attends, such as the red carpet awards and different television shows.

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By 2014, Dinorah Valentina made her first appearances on Mexican television. These images are in her memory Alicia Machado, because her little girl appeared in the media no less than doing an impromptu interview which was broadcast on the program ‘Despierta América’.

Another of the actions that has filled Alicia machadoIt was when her daughter started her ‘own business’ and started selling lemonade, with the sole purpose of earning extra money. At the time, little Dinorah was only 11 years old.

Machado commented a few years ago that he would like his daughter to also enter the world of entertainment, this when she was just an infant. We do not know if now, with the 13 years of the youngest, she maintains the same position.

Alicia Machado and her daughter Dinorah (Photo: Alicia Machado / Instagram)
Alicia Machado and her daughter Dinorah (Photo: Alicia Machado / Instagram)


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