Alice Alves talks about her daughter’s diet and says: “Benedita was always long and skinny…”

This Tuesday, January 10th, Alice Alves was answering some of the most ‘curious’ questions from her followers through the stories of her personal Instagram account. One of the questions was related to infant feeding.

Recently, Alice Alves revealed that her daughter Benedita’s diet varied between breastfeeding and supplements. An internet user shared her son’s situation and asked if he should do the same, since he is also an ‘elegant’ baby.

The presenter then explained: “Yes, Benedita was always long and skinny. I don’t have the necessary amount for her to be fine. First I give her the breast and then the supplement (from the supplement she only drinks what she wants. I don’t insist) ”he stated.

“But this was evaluated with the pediatrician. You should talk to your doctor and figure out what’s best for you. Our milk is the best for them! If I had more, I’d just breastfeed. Benedita loves my milk. She never rejected but each baby is different”he added.

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