Alexandre Frota at rock bottom? Actor makes a bombastic revelation about his career. Understand!

During an interview with the Monark Talks podcast, on Youtube, Alexandre Frota opened the game and talked about drug addiction. The actor, who is one of the deponents in the series “Pacto Brutal”, which tells about the murder of Daniella Perez, confessed that he hit rock bottom when he lost everything in his life because of addiction. Alexandre Frota explained that he managed to turn things around and has been clean for 15 years.

I’m a former user, I had a lot of problems with cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, I’ve been clean for 15 years, I hit rock bottom and managed to get back on my feet. I lost everything I had in my life due to drugsso I don’t like to advise anyone on this issue of using it or not, it’s choices”, began the politician, who has already been criticized by the actor.

Alexandre Frota, which was exposed by Claudia Raia, said he tries to use his story as an example. “If I can talk about my experience and what I’ve been through, and that convinces [a pessoa] that what I went through it was an arduous path, which led me to lose everything in life, family, money, material goods, etc.maybe the guy touches himself and sees that it’s really not the best way”, he continued.

I am living proof that you can survive, but you have to want to survive. I was very worried about overdose and being found dead, [então] I understood that I had to stop, free myself from it, that I wanted to live and didn’t want to kill myself. I found [força de vontade] with myself, I had no help from anyone”, added Alexandre Frota.

Alexandre Frota comments on the Daniella Perez case

For UOL’s Splash, Alexandre Frota commented that he could have “saved” the life of Gloria Perez’s daughterwhich exposed attempted contact made by Daniella’s killer. The role given to Guilherme de Pádua would be Alexandre Frota, but he had to cancel his participation in the soap opera, causing a change in the cast.. “I always tell people: if I had done the soap opera, the story would have been different,” she explained.

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