Alexander ("The 12 strokes of noon"): how the midday master discovered "behind the scenes" who hid behind the mysterious star

Since his first victory in “Les 12 coups de midi”, Alexandre has had a series of masterstrokes and has thus inflated his kitty. The one who Jean-Luc Reichmann humorously baptized “Big”, with a prize pool of 34,500 euros from 14 wins, even came close on June 10 to grab the bet by winning his first star. Thanks to a new success in the fatal blow, the nurse of 35 years has managed to reveal the last boxes that masked the face of the celebrity to recognize. Viewers were able to easily recognize the face of Camille Cottin. But the noon master was unable to give the right answer. Haggard in front of the portrait of the actress, he suggested the name of Pippa Middleton causing amazement among Internet users.

How does he not recognize Camille Cottin??”, “the shame of not knowing Camille Cottin when he is a French icon…. well”, “If tomorrow he gets eliminated when he had Camille Cottin in front of his eyes, it would be really bad luck”, “Tomorrow he will tell us Camilla”, “Ah he does not know Camille Cottin“, could we read on Twitter.

But back to try his luck, this time Alexandre didn’t miss the boat. In an interview given to our colleagues from Télé Loisirs, the 30-year-old explained how he had managed to find the name of the star of “Ten percent”. “I have to thank Angelina, who was a contestant on the show the night before.”, he confided. “I had beaten her in Deathblow. Backstage, she told me she knew who it was. She said, ‘you give me something in the star, and I tell you‘. I thought it was a good deal. But I told him to let me look for 48 hours“.

“After that time, I had three names. She confirmed to me that the correct answer was in the three possibilities I had. She gave me the correct answer, and when I wanted to give her a gift, she refused. She just told me she was happy that I won the star“, he indicated.


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