Alexander Schallenberg at the head of Austria: his unexpected links with France

the containment of unvaccinated persons in Austria is a measure “hard” but who “already bearing fruit“Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg told AFP on Monday, citing”massive increase in registrations in vaccination centers“.”It is not out of cheerfulness that we have partially deprived part of the population of their liberty, but the measure is already having an effect.“, welcomed the Austrian leader, who took this unpublished decision in the European Union faced with the rebound of the epidemic.

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Austria is facing an outbreak of new cases, the highest since the start of the pandemic – 12,000 per day on average in this country of 8.9 million inhabitants. A decision that puts this chancellor who has just come to power in a delicate position. Indeed, Alexander Schallenberg, member of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), has only been Federal Chancellor since October 11, 2021. He succeeded Sebastian Kurz after the outbreak of a corruption scandal. His movement, the Austrian People’s Party or New People’s Party since 2017, is an Austrian political party with a Christian-Democratic and Liberal-Conservative orientation.

Alexander Schallenberg, 53, is from Bern in Switzerland. Son of a diplomat, he grew up in India, Spain and France, depending on his father’s assignments. At the prestigious College of Europe, a higher education institution under Belgian private law, he met his future wife, Marie-Isabelle Hénin. It was in France that he married her in 1995 in Saint-Pierre in the Bas-Rhin.

Marie-Isabelle Hénin is the daughter of Erik Hénin, a famous rider and a Parisian socialite Isabelle Le Maresquier. Her family tree is fascinating as she is the granddaughter of influential architect Noël Le Maresquier and a Spanish noblewoman, Conchita López de Tejada. Madame Le Maresquier was also the niece of Charles de Gaulle’s Prime Minister, Michel Debré. It is therefore hardly surprising to know that his family was cited as an example to illustrate the state nobility defined by sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. The couple had four children but are now divorced.

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