Alexander De Croo on the subject of debate: “My 10 year old son likes to wear the mask”

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The Minister of Health, supported by GEMS experts (who support politicians), wanted the mask in class from the 4th year of primary school; the education ministers refused it. Does the Prime Minister understand this refusal? “Education is almost a world in itself, a very large and complicated world. It seems logical to me to leave the decision to the ministers concerned, to let them judge, these are people who have a sense of responsibility, ”reacts Alexander De Croo. “And let’s be clear, this takes into account slightly different sensitivities and the way education is organized in our country. “

You are the father of a child who is 10 years old and is in 5th grade, he wears the mask since he goes to school in Flanders where the mask is compulsory from 5th grade. Are you satisfied to see him with his mask or would you have preferred to see him without a mask?

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“What’s interesting is that he likes to wear it. He was even jealous to see his brother (12 years old, Editor’s note) with a mask when he was not yet to wear one. But that’s just my son’s reasoning. Those who have children all feel they are experts on these questions. Let the ministers of education be the judges of these questions. “

As a reminder, wearing a mask has been extended and is now compulsory in many places from the age of 10, except at primary school in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

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