Alexander, a 40-year-old Belgian, opened the doors of his house to a family in need, but everything did not go as planned: “I was stuck with a knife in the back”

Alexander Ghekiere, an independent entrepreneur, bought property and land in Meulebeke to potentially build a new house there. Instead, he temporarily rented the old house to a family who lived on the street, for a rent of 450 euros per month.

If all was well, things went wrong when the housing inspector visited the dwelling. The family was indeed on the waiting list for social housing, and could get priority if the current housing was not habitable.

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“It has been declared uninhabitable. I knew it was an old house, but I just wanted to help these people,” Alexander told our colleagues from the Nieuwsblad. Brought to justice, the man was sentenced to pay a fine of 10,000 euros and additional costs. “I want to help and they stick a knife in my back,” he laments. Since October, he must also pay 100 euros in penalty payments per day as long as his house is not demolished. It is now close to 9000 euros.

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