Alex Zverev: Sophia wasn’t there for him after a torn ligament

She wasn’t there for him during this difficult time. Alexander Zverev (25) and Sophia Thomalla (32) made their love public in October last year. Since then, the two lovebirds have been delighting their fans with cute couple pics. After the tennis star suffered a triple ligament tear in a match a few weeks ago, it was too Sophia very worried about her loved one. Still, she wasn’t at his side now.

In an interview with picture on sunday Alex spoke about his time after the injury. “In this phase you want to be around the people you love the most,” explained the tennis pro. But exactly one person was not there for him. “So it was disappointing for me that Sophia didn’t come”, Alex expressed his frustration. At the time, his girlfriend was filming in Greece. “But that’s the job. My father and mother were there,” he finally added.

And the athlete was also dependent on this help. “I couldn’t do anything on my own: take a shower, go to the toilet. They took care of me like a little baby. That was so important to me.”, he explained. “These two people have helped me the most,” Alex said in conclusion.

Sophia Thomalla, moderator

Instagram / sophiathomalla

Sophia Thomalla, moderator
Sophia Thomalla and Alexander Zverev, April 2022
Sophia Thomalla, March 2022

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