Alex Klaws verheimlichte "The Masked Singer" in front of his son

Nobody was allowed to know! Last night the big guesswork finally came to an end – because in the finale of The Masked Singer it was revealed who the remaining masked celebrities were. As a beaming winner, DSDS star Alexander Klaws (38) finally climbed out of his Mülli-Müller garbage can. When the cat was finally out of the bag, the singer was above all glad that he no longer has to lie to a certain person – his little son Lenny.

Even if many fans and the advice team had suspected the 38-year-old for a long time to be in the blue-green shaggy costume, he had made every effort not to get exposed. Because of this, he even kept his loved ones from participating in the show. “I’m already looking forward to coming home and saying to my little son: Dad is Mülli Müller”he clarified after his victory. While Baby Flynn is still too young to guess, Lenny had already shown a lot of interest in the colorful costumes. “I came home after the second show and they played Mülli Müller in kindergarten,” said Alex.

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But not only the musical star, also No Angels member Sandy Mölling (40), who hid behind the caterpillar Resi, had problems hiding her participation. Her bandmates had exposed her straight away. “Of course they sent messages on WhatsApp: ‘Little mouse, we recognized you immediately!'”, the musician revealed in the Promiflash-Interview.

Lenny, son of Alexander Klaws

Instagram / alexanderklaws83

Lenny, son of Alexander Klaws
Alexander Klaws as Mülli Müller in “The Masked Singer”
Sandy Mölling and Matthias Opdenhövel at “The Masked Singer”

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