Alex Caniggia will host a program "distinct" in El Trece: the details

Since Alex Caniggia participated in “MasterChef Celebrity 2” his popularity began to increase. Although he always had a loyal following, returning to television gave him greater visibility and he was able to reach a wider audience. The same thing happened in “The Hotel of the Famous” where he was seen living with other people, as well as falling in love with Melody Luz.

Watch the video of Alex Caniggia’s jaw surgery!

In this case, as reported the pavada of Diario Crónica, the brother of Charlotte Caniggia will begin a new facet in his artistic career and it will be as a conductor. The influencer will be in charge of a program on El Trece in a new format, brought from Italy and bought by boxfish.

After trying the product and Alex Caniggia were satisfied with the results. At the moment, it is unknown how it will be and what it will be about, but as the release date approaches, a little more will be known. The only thing that was revealed is that it is “different” from the programs that are on the air.

Apparently, it will occupy the schedule of “100 Argentines say” as for several months there has been speculation about the departure of the Darío Barassi program. Although it has a good impact, it seems that the format has come to an end and in its place they will put something new for the channel.

Darío Barassi conducting “100 Argentines say”.

In the meantime, Alex Caniggia is more concerned about his fight with L-Gante than about his future work projects. The influencer and the leader of the “Cumbia 420” They had a strong crossing on social networks and The Jamaican father showed the threats he received from the son of Mariana Nannis and Claudio Cannigia.

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