Alex Caniggia, lapidary with Locho Loccisano from "The Hotel of the Famous": "he made the poor thing"

The end of “The Hotel of the Famous“It is this July 25 at night and the fans of the program are waiting for its definition. The candidates after almost 4 months of confinement are Martin Salwe and Alex Caniggia, who they are already out of the house and gave the present in “The Debate of The Hotel of the Famous“, where they revealed many details.

Alex, for his part, struck down locho loccisanothe favorite of the public. “I became friends with Locho, then I sent him to the H. He received“, it started.

How much do you love Locho? What Locho or Locho? Who is Shakespeare? If he got eliminated, he picked him up. Here wins the best, the strongest“, he added.

When asked by Rodrigo Lussich on why the public loved Locho, Caniggia said: “What do I know why they love him. A victim character was re-armed, he became the re, poor thing. high strategist“.

Alex Caniggia struck down Locho Loccisano from “The Hotel of the Famous”

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