Alessandra Scatena pays tribute in memory of her husband on the day they would have 30 years together

Alessandra Scatena46 years old, moved netizens by publishing on social networks a tribute in memory of her husband, Rogério Gherbalivictim of complications from Covid-19 in July 2020.

Alessandra shared a romantic record with the businessman on Instagram and declared: “Today we would be 30 years together. We started dating at a pizzeria in Embu das Artes, in São Paulo. We went with a group of friends to enjoy country music, but we couldn’t get in. .”

The presenter continued: “So we tried the Caipiródromo, it didn’t work either. So we all stopped at this pizzeria. In a simple game with toothpicks, it was our first kiss. I thank God for having put you in my life.”

“I was very happy and very loved. I love you”, she concluded. Alessandra became known for working as a stage assistant on the Gugu Liberatoduring the 90s. Scatena recalled her first kiss on May 9, 1992, when she was already working on TV.

Alessandra is the mother of 17-year-old Enrico and 11-year-old Estéfano, the result of her relationship with Gherbali. The businessman died at the age of 56 after failing to resist the disease, which still did not have a vaccine at the time.

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