Alessandra Mastronardi furious: “Ross McCall and I broke up because I would have betrayed him? Luckily, you journalists are there to tell the alleged truths “

After days of silence on the alleged breakup with Ross McCall caused by betrayal, Alessandra Mastronardi intervened via social media and revealed the whole truth. “But really? So that’s it? A story ends and by logical deduction the cause is a betrayal of the woman … well thank goodness you journalists are there to tell us the alleged truth! “, Wrote the actress of The pupil on Instagram today 11 January.

Then he added: “Luckily it was one story ended in full respect of both sides, without any rancor and without any kind of romantic drama. Also because the gossip newspapers are already thinking of that, apparently “. “Who spread the rumor that I received the proposal on my birthday?”, He finally concluded by adding two emoticons with an astonished expression. In short, the only sure thing is that between Mastronardi and the Scottish actor it is over. For the rest it would be just gossip and indiscretions without any fund of truth.

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