Alert – "such a big sun" deprogrammed for three weeks… but what happened?

Decidedly, there is a big upheaval at the level of our favorite series. After the end of Research section and the announcement about “Plus belle la vie” which will be replaced by Cyril Féraudanother series is at the heart of the news:Such a big sun.

Notice to fans of the series: the soap opera will be deprogrammed for three weeks as announced by France Televisions. And that doesn’t really come at a sting in the face of the current plot. As a reminder, Alex (Benjamin Bourgois) has just made a mistake with his ex whom he followed during an infiltration. For her part, Claire realized that her faithful friend Hélène was ultimately the one who was the source of her misfortunes, in particular her departure from the hospital. So inevitably, this news is really bad.

This is not the first time that the series has been deprogrammed from France 2. This was the case during the presidential elections last April in order to make room for the candidates’ campaign. But this time, it is still linked to a political question. From May 30, such a big sun will disappear from the screens for almost a month. More exactly until June 17. It will be necessary to wait three days later to find his favorite characters.

If during the presidential elections, it was possible to find 100% online counter-programming, this will not be the case this time. Indeed, it was possible to find two special episodes and a behind-the-scenes documentary of the series broadcast only on as a consolation prize. It remains to be seen whether the channel will allow fans to be able to catch up with an episode broadcast on Saturdays or not. In any case, one thing is certain: you will have to be on the lookout in order to be sure and certain of not being too dropped when you resume because memory lapses can quickly take the underside within a month. There is no doubt that the public will be able to wait to find such a big sun before summer.


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