Aleks shoots again "Temptation Island"-Production

Aleksandar Petrovic (31) is angry again! The former Love Island candidate is currently on Temptation Island VIP with his girlfriend Christina Dimitriou (30) and is testing his loyalty there. But in addition to the drama on the show, something else upsets the reality star: namely how he is portrayed in the episodes. Now Aleks railed against the broadcaster again online!

In its Instagram-Story was what the #CoupleChallenge participant commented on the latest episode of the show. “This is a TV show that only reflects an absolute fraction of the events in order to ensure maximum entertainment,” he began his statement. Aleks accuses the broadcaster of misrepresenting the context and statements on the show: “Important moments are deliberately not shown or images are shown in the wrong context in order to maximize your interest in the show.”

One thing in particular takes the 31-year-old with him: seeing the recordings of his then girlfriend Christina, who he never saw during the recording. “I’m also seeing the pictures of Christina suffering for the first time and it breaks my own heart to see it. […] It was never my intention or plan in my life for Christina to suffer like this.”he continued to rant and announced that he would unpack properly after all episodes had been broadcast.

Aleks Petrovic at “Temptation Island VIP”
Aleks Petrovic and Christina Dimitriou, “Temptation Island VIP” participants 2022

TVNOW / Alexander Seelinger

Aleksandar Petrovic, “Ex on the Beach” contestant 2020

Can you understand that Aleks is upset?

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