Alejandra Maglietti demanded an apology from Wanda Nara: "He deserved more forgiveness than China Suárez"

Well at the start of the scandal between Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi and the China Suarez, the botinera starred in an unusual crossover with the panelist of “Blessed“, Alejandra Maglietti through the networks.

Beyond the fact that it is clear that Wanda’s is a show, in her drama (which is her own) she wears another woman, exposes without giving names and let him receive all kinds of insults. 100 years back. My humble opinion, “the lawyer had written on her Twitter account.

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Without a filter, Wanda decided to reply with a withering message: “Do you need Boludita names? Or a map to know who is the whore … who sends photos to married people? I’m sending it to you privately, if you’re the only one who didn’t understand it. “

The spicy cross between Alejandra Maglietti and Wanda Nara.

Although Maglietti answered him again to agree, Wanda did not mention her again about the scandal. This is why the panelisa decided to ask him to retract the offensive message: “Wanda did not ask me for forgiveness. And, Wanda, I was not with your husband! I deserved more forgiveness than China”.

I received it without eating or drinking it. I had nothing to do with it. I just thought about the issue. Is not my bussiness, Wanda, could you ask me for forgiveness, too”, Alejandra closed in front of the cameras of”blessed TV“.

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