Alec Baldwin’s daughter reveals a phobia that makes her constantly measure her blood pressure: "embarrassing and isolating"

the model and daughter of the actor Alec Baldwin, Ireland Baldwin, decided to create a post on her Instagram last Thursday (06/01) to reveal about her anxiety disorder and phobia which she has been dealing with in her life: the fear of having heart disease.

She shared two clicks where she shows a device she constantly uses to measure her blood pressure, making sure her health is okay. “I live with the constant fear that I’m dying of a heart attack…also known as cardiophobia. The heart palpitations and chest pain from a typical anxiety attack convince me that I’m 26 years old with a covert heart problem that I have. I don’t actually have one,” the model began in her post.

Ireland also explains that he does not take any medication to control his anxiety because he does not believe in its effectiveness. “I’ve been working with anxiety specialists and I’ve started to deal with breathing,” he continued, explaining his problem. “My anxiety was so bad in the past that I called ambulances and made visits to hospitals where paramedics and doctors assured me that my heart was okay. I know it may sound silly to you, but this little machine here brought me the greatest comfort,” he reveals the actor’s daughter.

She comments that she has always wanted to share her experience with anxiety on her social networks so that her followers, if they suffer from it, know they are not alone. “This can be so embarrassing and isolating at times. My anxiety has made me miss a lot in this life and my real goal for 2022 is not to let this get in my way. I have anxiety caused by food, by my digestive system, by my heart , by large crowds, talking about anxiety, planes and many things. You are not alone,” she continued in the caption of her post.

Alec Baldwin’s daughter has also encouraged others not to feel guilty about having an object that comforts them in some time of extreme anxiety.

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