Alec Baldwin: Alec Baldwin is suing crew members for negligence

Alec Baldwin has now filed a lawsuit against crew members after being shot dead on the set of the western “Rust” more than a year ago.

It’s been over a year since a terrible tragedy took place on the set of the western “Rust”. A gun in the hand of actor Alec Baldwin, 64, killed Halyna Hutchins (1979-2021), the film’s cinematographer. Since that fateful October day in New Mexico, the legal investigation into the incident has continued. Now, for the first time, gunman Baldwin himself has filed a lawsuit, as “CNN” reports. The actor is suing the film’s armorer, an assistant director and other crew members for negligence.

Defendants allegedly breached their duty of care

According to the lawsuit, “This tragedy happened because real bullets were shipped to the set and loaded into the gun.” Rust’s gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez Reed failed to “carefully inspect the bullets or the gun,” while assistant director David Halls, despite failing to inspect the pistol, handed it to Baldwin, saying it was a “safe” weapon . Plaintiff Baldwin was ignorant of these facts, while defendants failed in their duty to keep the film’s set safe.

Alec Baldwin wants to restore his reputation

With the lawsuit he has now filed, actor Baldwin aims to restore his good reputation and receive compensation. In addition to those already mentioned, the lawsuit also names property master Sarah Zachry and ammunition and weapons supplier Seth Kenney as defendants. Baldwin had already settled out of court in another legal dispute in early October with the relatives of the deceased Hutchins. The actor was charged with wrongful death.


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