Aldo Miyashiro and Vanessa Terkes return to the stage with new features of “The neighbors upstairs”

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The play “The neighbors from above”, starring the actors Lita Baluarte, Vanessa Terkes, Sebastián Monteghirfo and Aldo Miyashiro, announced new features in a new location. The staging will seek to bring the story closer to more public, so now it will be presented at the theater of the Association of Amateur Artists located in downtown Lima.

“The neighbors upstairs” is a fun and refreshing theatrical comedy that has been performed in several countries, it even made it to the cinema under the name “Sentimental”, written and directed by Cesc Gay himself.

It makes me very happy to return to the theater. I’m happythe whole team is very happy because we have had a good reception from the public”, actress Vanessa Terkes said in a statement.

“I am very grateful, because it is truly a time when theater in general is suffering; and selling such amount of tickets is impressiveadded Aldo Miyashiro, who referred to the sold-out features of his first ad.

The new functions will be from Friday to Sunday at 8 pm, starting August 5, at the theater of the Association of Amateur Artists (Jirón Ica 323, Cercado de Lima, next to the Municipal Theater).

Tickets are on sale at Joinnus and at the theater ticket office on performance days from two hours before. Fridays are popular with tickets starting at S/20.


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