Alderweireld in discussion with De Bruyne: ‘We are not choirboys’

Toby Alderweireld does not weigh too heavily on his mutual ‘clash’ with Kevin de Bruyne. Belgium won its first World Cup match against Canada 1-0, but the Belgians’ game was not yet something to write home about, which led to mutual irritations.

During the match, national coach Roberto Martínez and De Bruyne were talking to each other, after which Alderweireld also reported to that meeting. At that moment ‘sparks flew’. Alderweireld doesn’t want to make it bigger than it is. ‘We are not choirboys who come here to play football. We’re both here to show that we’re on it. Sometimes emotions can run high.” The Telegraph the defender of Royal Antwerp.

Belgium’s game must be better

During the duel with Canada, the Belgian former player of Ajax was annoyed by the endless playing around, which often led to a loss of possession. Alderweireld thinks that Belgium could have played a bit more opportunistically. “Sometimes we are so focused on getting through it playing football. Occasionally we also have to dare to play the long ball. We were dangerous three times in the first half and that was three times after a long ball from me.’

Finally, Alderweireld realizes that the Belgians have to do better. How? That will have to be analysed. “But it’s better to do that with three points in your pocket. With a good Thibaut Courtois we were in a good position defensively. We still have qualities. We used to be best known for our hard-working football. Something may now also be said about our fighting spirit. We defended the 1-0, even with cramps.’

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